Saturday, November 7, 2015

Android Studio: Create New Empty Project


Android Studio: Create New Empty Project
1) Create a new project
2) Select the form factors.
3) Select Empty Activity Template.
4) Customize the activity.
(Accept default settings).
5) Observe the outcome.
5.1) File Structure.
Layout is in the form of XML Language.
Layout file defines the visual objects that user would see on the screen.
During the running time, Layout file will be loaded by Controller file (e.g. setContentView command).
5.2) The layout file (Design Mode).
5.3) Layout File (Text mode).
5.4) Controller File.
Controller is in the form of Java language.
Controller controls the look and behavior of the application.
5.5) Meta Data File
Meta Data is in the form of XML Language.
Meta Data File describes the setup requirements of the application.
5.6) Graddle Configuration File
Graddle Configuration File is in its own script format language that looks similar to JSON.
There could be more than one script file.
For a start, look for build.gradle (Module:app)
The script defines the Android SDK versions for the project as well as dependencies.
Dependencies mean the libraries that the project depends on during runtime.


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