Monday, December 8, 2014

104-ADT 18 Running Android Apps

104-ADT 18 Running Android Apps
 On Android Emulator and Android Devices

1) Continue from the previous tutorial

2) Run ADT and open My First App project

3) Check that your Android Emulator is running in the background

You may need to switch to DDMS view to check that your Android Emulator is online and detected by ADT.
The Devices Panel should display your Emulator Name and Status (Online).
If the device is not detected or is not online, you need to restart your AVD.

4) Run Android Apps In Emulator

Right-click Project Name (My First App) and select Run As/Android Application.
The status bar reports the launching status.
Select Yes to monitor Logcat.
My First App now appears in the Emulator and the LogCat window displays the log messages.

5) Run Android Apps in Real Device

5.1) Observe your Package Explorer.
5.2) Notice that an apk file has been generated and stored in the res folder.
5.3) You can copy this apk file to your Android Device and install it manually.
(I prefer to copy the file into the Download folder in my Android Device for easy search and retrieval later on).
5.4) Your Android Device may block installation and request your permission to “install from unknown source”. Allow this feature in order to proceed with installation.
Read more information here, for troubleshooting tips.

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