Monday, December 8, 2014

102-ADT 18 Android Virtual Device

102-ADT 18-Manage Android Virtual Device

1) Android Virtual Device

You need to setup an Android Emulator to test your Android Apps..

2) Open AVD Manager

Click Menu Window/Android Virtual Device Manager.

3) Create a new AVD

3.1) Click "New..."
3.2) Enter the required details.
Click OK when done.
3.3) To test the machine, select the machine name and click Start… button.
4) Launch options.
4.1) Accept the default and click Launch.
4.2) The Starting progress windows pops up.
4.3) Wait for the Android emulator to load.
4.4) You have to wait for logon screen to appear.
It may take some time.
When the unlock screen appear, use your mouse to tap on the padlock icon and drag it to the right to unlock the machine.
Finally you should see the following output.
4.5) Look at the title of the window, 5554:WQVA33
5554 is the port number of the emulator that allows it to communicate with other software.
WQVA33 is the name given in Step 3.2.

5) You can leave this emulator window open while building the app.


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