Wednesday, October 16, 2013

RFOBasic: Run Basic Language On Android Device

"Type codes and run them in your Android!"

1) Setting Up

1.1) Using your Android Web Browser, go to URL
Click on link number 2, Getting Started...

1.2) Click on the link to

1.3) Click on the top-most item, e.g, Version v01.75

1.4) Scroll down to find the following section (as shown below)

Download this Version of BASIC! You can download this version of BASIC! here.

1.5) Wait for the Android to finish downloading the apk file.

1.6) Run the apk file.

1.7) Grant permission.

1.8) Installation Done

2) Running RFO Basic on Android for the first time.

2.1) Continue from step 1.8, click Install. alternatively, find the app icon in the App menu.

2.2) RFO Basic Main Screen shows up.

3)  Running Hello World

3.1) Go to menu/clear.

3.2) Go to Text Editor and type
print "Hello World"

3.3) Go to menu/run

3.4) Prompt to save.
As for now, click Continue (no need to save).

3.5) Outcome:

4) RFOBasic has a forum page where members share their resource, e.g.

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