Sunday, October 13, 2013

ICENIUM Tutorial: Develop iOS & Android mobile apps with Visual Studio

1) Setting up account.

1.1)  Go to URL

Find the button START NOW.

1.2) Click the START NOW button.

1.3) Choose your login account.
1.3.1) As an example. click Google button.

1.3.2) The site will request your aproval.
Click  Accept  .

1.3.3) Agree to the terms.

2) Create New Project

2.1) Select Icenium Template.
2.2) Type your workspace name.
2.3) Click Create.

2.4) Wait for the process...

2.5) ICENIUM Main Application Window.

2.6) In Project Navigator panel, double-click index.html

2.7) Main panel shows the file source code.

3) Designer View.

3.1) Click the Designer Tab.

3.2) The Main Panel shows the Design View.

4) Running in Simulator.

4.1) Click Run/Android Phone.

4.2) A simulator window pops up.

5) Publishing to Android and iOS.

5.1) Click Publish button.

5.2) Select target platform.
e.g. Android.

5.3) Select Certificate.


Icenium is currently accessible in three ways: 
  • Icenium Graphite
    Graphite is a downloadable Windows desktop client. Being a rich desktop application, it provides some IDE features that the web client does not, such as code navigation, refactoring and the ability to see real-time updates on your devices. Most Icenium users who run on Windows end up using Graphite.
  • Icenium Mist
    Mist is a lightweight web client that runs in all modern browsers, enabling you to code on the go, and contains many of the popular features that you would expect from a desktop IDE including code completion, auto-indentation, syntax highlighting and more.
  • Icenium Extension for Visual Studio
    With our Icenium extension for Microsoft Visual Studio beta, developers can enjoy all of the Icenium platform’s capabilities without leaving their favorite IDE.
We’ve prepared some simple resources that can help you build your first mobile app in less than 5 minutes - guaranteed:

  • Quick start video
    Get familiar with Icenium and learn how to develop, build, and publish cross-platform mobile applications using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • What is Icenium Really?
    We know there are tons of tools and frameworks out there. This blog illustrates what exactly Icenium is and what we offer to make your app development life easier.
  • 15 Sample Apps 
    We are developers too. We learn from looking at code, just like you do. So, we created fifteen small apps to help you get started quickly.

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