Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How To Add Nineoldandroids JAR File To Android Project

1) Download the Nineoldandroids JAR File from https://github.com/downloads/JakeWharton/NineOldAndroids/nineoldandroids-2.4.0.jar.

2) Run Android and Create A New Project.

3) Go to Project Tab. Right-Click your project name and select New/Module...

4) Select Import .JAR/.ARR Package.

5) Select the Nineoldandroids JAR File that you have downloaded.

6) Android Studio will import the Nineoldandroids JAR File into your project and update your project configuration.

One of the uses of Nineoldandroids JAR File is to implement A Welcome Splashscreen. Read further here, http://www.androidsources.com/index.php/2015/08/06/android-splash-screen-and-welcome-screen-tutorial-using-android-studio/ or here, http://android-steps.blogspot.my/2015/11/splash-screen-to-android-projects.html.

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